Rigorously Measure Impact

And Track Customer-wide Progress

Tech-enabled Change Management

Consulting firms are under constant demand from their customers. helps deliver your transformation and change frameworks at scale with easy client implementation. Our quick consultant training and set-up helps get "on the beach" teams moving to drive customer growth and bring data-driven proposals to new business. Gone are the days of worrying about how to share risk for non-traditional deals and value pricing since we provide a new form of behavioral data. Giddy'up.


Consultants are seeking a beachhead to add additional services and a data-driven reason to go back to clients.


Firms are focused on moving towards asset-based consulting and monetizing their IP into recurring revenue streams.


Firms are looking to benchmark their practice frameworks across vertical industries and customers.

Automated Planning & Approvals

Accelerate strategic planning & stakeholder decision-making

  • Proprietary Business Transformation Planning System
  • Digitalizes manual planning processes & documents
  • Dynamically shifting transformations based on short-term results to increase effectiveness
  • Connect transformation initiatives to desired behavior outcomes & business impact

Transparency & Actionable Playbook

Visibility for Teams to Implement Faster

  • Visibility to create cross-functional change agents teams across the entire enterprise
  • Crowd-sourced ideas to get teams moving to build execution strategies & tactics
  • Accountability for implementation & execution
  • Connect action requests to objectives and behavioral outcomes

LiiRN A Little More

Getting hungry, but not yet ready for the main course? We’ve got some common questions (asked by current and potential customers) to help whet your appetite.

Can I get a Demo of LiiRN?

Yes you can! Simply click Request Demo Button and tell us a little bit about your company & key goals.

We’ll be in touch soon and set you up with a front row seat to see LiiRN.

Is LiiRN an employee engagement software?

No, LiiRN is not an employee engagement software which just focuses on surveys and feedback.

LiiRN is an automation tool that enables enterprises to accelerate business transformation, and helps identify the change-makers in your company.

Can I run multiple initiatives on LiiRN?

Yes and we encourage it! You can run different strategic initiatives company-wide or at a location or department level.

LiiRN will then roll-up all the findings into an executive dashboard where senior leaders can compare data and make more informed decisions.

How long does it take to get setup with LiiRN?

We work closely with consulting firms & internal change management departments to set-up LiiRN compliant to each company’s security requirements. This process usually lasts 2-3 weeks.

In parallel, we begin setting up the Administrative Dashboard to allow stakeholders to begin their strategic planning & setup of LiiRN Pillars, Drivers & Assessment Questions.

What Customer Support does LiiRN offer?

We offer "Around-the-clock" customer support with a white glove experience! We’ve got your back 24/7.

Your teams can simply submit a ticket to our LiiRN Customer Support team, by clicking on the "Help" button from the LiiRN application.

What are the software requirements to use LiiRN

The LiiRN application uses a web-based architecture and is deployed in a platform as a service (PaaS) model. These factors greatly reduce the deployment issues usually associated with large-scale enterprise applications.

LiiRN can be accessed from any location that has access to the internet. LiiRN supports: Internet Explorer 11 (or above), Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Apple Safari.

Hall of Champions

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